5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes
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5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes

Have you inherited or bought a period home that is in need of a renovation or some TLC? Choosing a colour scheme that complements the architectural design of the home is one of the best ways to make it stand out. 

Most homeowners for period homes in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs can attest to the fact that choosing a colour scheme can be a somewhat scary experience because they want to make the home look new but also maintain the charm of a period home. How to do this? Here are some great ideas:

  • Black and other dark colours
  • Neutral shades like grey and white
  • Bold versatile colours
  • Mild shades of blue
  • Metallic

Let’s take a  look into how the above colour schemes can be incorporated into period homes.

Black And Other Dark Colours

Are dark shades a daring choice? Absolutely, but they also add a bit of sophistication to the house. If you take a look at period homes from old photos, some property owners picked darker shades to make the whole design exceptional. Some deep shades of burgundy and maroon are the best for the exterior with the windows and fittings being white or grey.

Neutral Shades

The one feature that identifies a period home is neutral colour schemes because most of them had neutral shades. These are colours that look simple yet classy. The best options are grey and shades of white. You can also mix a bit of grey and white for different parts of the exterior.

5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes

Bold Versatile Colours

One of the best examples of such a colour is green. If you feel that a darker shade of green may be too much for all sides, it is also possible to have green on one side of the exterior. Another great colour would be navy blue. Make sure you do not get colours that are too distracting from the best features of the house.

Mild Shades Of Blue

A sky blue or baby blue will fit a period home, especially when used with a bit of white for some parts of the house. It is advisable to get the opinion of your decorator on what shades to use so that they do not end up being too mild. A light purple shade will also be great with some designs of period homes.

Metallic Colour Schemes

For this, you can go with brown, shades of gold, or coppers for a period home. Orange is one of the colours that you wouldn’t expect to complement a period home, but the truth is it looks great on certain period homes. You can talk to your decorator to get their opinion of the best metallic colour schemes to pick for the type of period home you have.

5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes

Need More Ideas?

Here are some other tips that you should look at before picking the colour scheme for your period home.

Colours That Connect To Materials Work Best – Choosing such colours will make the exterior look unique because they emulate the materials traditionally used to make the period home. 

Make Sure The Colours Balance – To make the colours and the exterior look even, it is best to balance the colours. For instance, choosing to use dark and bold colours for the top parts of the house and mild ones for the bottom may not turn out as you expect.

Maintain The Structural Integrity – While trying out new colour schemes for your period home may seem like fun, some designs will not incorporate the colour schemes you have in mind. Talking to an expert can help prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Highlight The Best Features – Make sure you put bold colour schemes on the best parts of the exterior so that you can highlight those particular features of your period home.

Final Thoughts

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