Abbotsford Renovations and Extensions Projects

Home renovation and extensions are a great way to update wonderful old homes that are in need of an upgrade to improve their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Period Extensions & Designs has completed a range of home renovation and extension projects in this charming inner-city suburb over the last 20 years.

These projects range from major structural changes like adding an addition or annex, to small but impactful renovations such as an updated kitchen or bathroom design or even restoring the old character of a living or dining room.

Why Abbotsford?

Abbotsford is an inner-city suburb of Melbourne. It’s located only 2 kilometres from the Central Business District and has a population of just over 8,000 people.

Abbotsford was part of the City of Collingwood until it became a self-governing municipality in 1994. The Yarra River separates Kew from Abbotsford to the northeast and Victoria Street forms its southern boundary with Richmond.

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Abbotsford Demographics

With its convenient inner suburban location, Abbotsford is a popular place that thrives on the idea of independent living. With its location and a majority of the housing being on a smaller scale, you’ll find it’s primarily filled with single, independent people or young couples looking for freedom and choices.

Abbotsford is the perfect place for those who like convenience. You’ll find that many houses don’t have large backyards, which makes it attractive and livable for an independent young person who enjoys living close to the city and the various amenities.

Independent Youth


Maturing & Established Independence


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Abbotsford Lifestyle

Abbotsford is virtually a tale of two cities. On one hand, it’s a bustling and hectic city known for the traffic in Hoddle Street or it can be slow-paced, leafy suburbia when you walk through Studley Park to buy produce at Collingwood Children’s Farm.

If enjoying food from around the world sounds good, then Victoria street has plenty to offer with its Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant strip but if coffee makes your heart sing then Three Bags Full will satisfy that craving too!

Abbotsford offers so much variety in terms of activities and scenery which proves why this suburb is growing steadily in demand.

Types Of Homes In Abbotsford

This bustling suburb is known for its strong sense of community and beautiful heritage homes. However, there are not many large homes here because there’s no space to build them!

What you will find instead on the charming streets are Victorian workers cottages and other humble residences that have been renovated or extended over time. You’ll often find townhouses and super-stylish, brand new apartments in this historic neighbourhood.

Abbotsford Median House Prices

The median house price in Abbotsford is currently $1,257,500. The suburb has seen a significant increase from the low of $290,000 to its current high. Most homes are priced below that mark and average around 1 million dollars with some exceptions on both ends!

This may seem high at first glance due to the level of affordability and availability that can be found elsewhere but this figure reflects a long-term trend indicating demand for these properties are strong when compared with other suburbs of Melbourne which have lower prices.

$625 PW
$595 PW
$395 PW
$343 PW
$450 PW
$725 PW

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