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Art Deco Home Extension Concepts

Art deco style home extensions are usually designed as an extension of an existing structure. They typically feature modern architectural styles and emphasise symmetry, clean lines and geometric shapes that include a modern touch that makes for an aesthetically pleasing home. The large windows in these designs let an abundance of natural light into your living room during the winter months so you don’t miss out on the cozy warmth on sunny afternoons!

The majority of art déco extensions consist of bringing walls inward while adding additional ones outside which increases the connection between indoors/outdoors spaces and letting more daylight enter inside through windows rather than artificial interior lighting (which can create shadows).

Art Deco Home Renovation History

Art Deco was a style of design that emerged in the mid-1920s with the meaning derived from “decorative art”. The Art Décor movement started as cities looked for ways to revitalise themselves after World War I destroyed most of Europe. However, by WWII many architects had reverted back towards more classical styles while others continued changing cityscapes with daring designs until they fell out of fashion once again following postmodernism’s rise during the 1970s.

This widespread popularity has led to people wanting to renovate their modern-looking homes using authentic pieces similar to those found on older properties – leading them down an architectural path we now know today called ‘Art Deco’.

Design Styles

Art Deco Home Architecture Styles

Art Deco Homes are typically characterised by their geometric shapes, ornate decoration using straight lines and symmetry. Exterior facades often feature windows or columnar balconies featuring glass mosaics which add an extra touch of glimmering brilliance to their design elements. Often these homes have a flat roofline which allows the interior space to be maximised while still providing wide sweeping views across surrounding properties.

Art Deco is one of the most popular styles in history for a reason. It embodies modernity and an exotic feel that makes homes stand out from other ordinary houses with state-of-the-art materials like stainless steel or aluminium as well as ancient Egyptian motifs such as lotus flowers to capture this unique flair within any living space.

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Art Deco Design Ideas

The Art Deco style is known for its combination of classic elements that often appear on clothing or furniture, which contrast sharply with more modern designs like fluid lines and curved edges. The result? A sophisticated appearance perfect for anyone looking to make their house into a unique and innovative showpiece!

Art Deco Interior Styles

The Art Deco style is perfect for those who love the 1920s and 1930s, with its spacious living room or walk-in closets in every bedroom. All these details are some of the reasons why this era has so much appeal, even now; it’s not too modern like other styles might be but it still offers enough space to store your china collection!

Art Deco Ideas

Art Deco houses are the best way to take an old, drab home and turn it into something beautiful and memorable. These residences have linear or geometric designs with lots of ornamental patterns including horizontal stripes in window design that make it seem like you’re walking directly into an art gallery rather than entering someone’s house! 

The main purpose for this look was primarily for good luck but now people love it because it provides sleekness as well as sophistication which can turn any room from being boring and uninteresting into a jaw-dropping architectural feat.

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