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As part of our complete home renovation designs we can also build your dream bathroom.

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Looking for a company that does custom bathroom renovations in Melbourne? Well, look no further than Bayside Extensions Melbourne. We are based in the Melbourne Bayside area and specialise in custom bathroom renovations and high-spec remodelling. We have over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry. 

As part of your home renovation, we deliver quality bathroom makeovers for all types of properties within and around Melbourne’s fabulous Bayside area. Our experience and expertise will deliver amazing results that will leave you breathless.

Why Choose Bayside Extensions For Your Melbourne
Bathroom Renovation?

  • Our design and build team are very experienced in renovating bathrooms and homes. We know everything there is to know about transforming ordinary bathrooms into highly-functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. You can rely on our experienced staff to always deliver exceptional results.
  • We work with a broad variety of clients. We understand that each and every one of our clients have their preferred design style, tastes, and preferences. We aim to meet these expectations while strictly adhering to the client’s initial renovation requirements.
  • Trust is crucial in any industry. Clients must be able to trust the companies they enlist to work in their homes. You can be rest assured that your property is in safe hands when you choose to work with us.
  • Every client has their own unique preference when it comes to bathroom designs and layouts. This is why our team are dedicated and committed to delivering custom bathroom renovations in the Melbourne Bayside area. We will develop custom designs to ensure that the end result is as original as possible.
  • For a bathroom renovation project to be truly successful, high-quality and superior fixtures and fittings must be used. We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of the materials we use in any of our bathroom renovation projects. We only work with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure a high standard of result.
  • Technology is taking the centre stage when it comes to home improvement and interior design. Homeowners are now integrating numerous smart home technologies and gadgets in their bathrooms in a bid to enhance functionality and convenience.
  • We have a dedicated customer care team that is available to serve you with any query or concerns you may have any time. We are always only a phone call or an email away.
  • Last but not least, you can be sure that when you work with us, you are guaranteed the best results at the end of the renovation project. We have worked on hundreds of bathroom renovation and makeover projects, and take pride in the end results.


All of our home and bathroom renovation projects begin with a sit down with our clients to discuss their design ideas and concepts, as well as their expectations. We know that we work with different types of clients where some may want a simple or small-scale renovation while others may want a comprehensive renovation or bathroom overhaul. 

Regardless of your needs and vision, we always strive to listen carefully to our clients in order to come up with a design that you’ll love. We treat our initial design phase with great care and attention to detail.


After we have drawn up a design that you are satisfied with, we proceed to the actual building process. We begin renovating your bathroom by removing old and worn out fixtures while replacing them with new and modern fittings and materials. 

We only use the highest-quality materials from trusted suppliers from Australia and other parts of the world. We are able to deliver custom bathroom finishes by using different combinations of colours, fittings and layouts. You will not recognise your bathroom once we are done with it.


The final phase of our work is to check and examine everything that we have installed to ensure that everything is working properly and efficiently. We call in highly-trained and experienced interior design experts to check for any imperfections or omissions in the overall bathroom design and structure. We do this to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the result.

For the best bathroom renovators in Melbourne, please contact Bayside Extensions today for all your bathroom renovation needs in Melbourne’s Bayside area.

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