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One of the widely popular trends in modern homes is seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. With an established flow between the two areas, you create a larger living space that is light, spacious, and can provide you with an area where you can entertain more guests. Additionally, connecting your indoor space with nature provides an abundance of benefits you may not expect.

But it’s not an easy feat to get that perfect balance that blurs the boundaries between the home and the garden. How does one artfully bring elements of the outdoors inside and vice versa? Here are some ideas on how to achieve seamless blending of the exterior and the interior living spaces.

Tips for Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

#1 Walls Down, Glass Up

Blur the distinctions of your home and the outdoors by removing dividers or walls that separate them. In their place, install wide sliding doors or tall glass windows which makes the combined space feel peaceful and serene and creates a grand sense of space.

indoor and outdoor spaces#2 Keep the View Open

Don’t let pillars, trees, and other unnecessary large furniture or objects obstruct the view of your breathtaking, immaculately designed outdoor space. The aim of seamlessly blending the indoors and outdoors is to create a free-flowing space, after all. Make sure your living area looks out towards the highlights of your outdoor area.

#3 Add Functional Rooms

Another good tip is to install functional rooms that are traditionally found indoors, like kitchens and bathrooms. Outdoor kitchens are especially great for creating a social, relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests as you cook and mingle. It’s perfect for a barbecue party!

You can also have an open-plan, semi-outdoor bathroom oasis by utilising the awkward and extra space and corners of the lawn that face onto your indoor bathrooms. Replace the wall with a sliding door- but wait, what about your privacy? You can cover the glass with blinds, or if you want to get more creative, plant some bamboo or leafy fronds.

#4 Have a Single Theme for Both Areas

You can unify your two spaces by ensuring that you have a single design theme. Repetition is the key to making the outdoor living area feel like a natural home extension. The best kind of decor which can enhance the seamless crossover effect you are aiming for is bold and rustic wooden pieces. Make smart and artful use of indoor-style furniture outdoors, such as sofas, chairs, and cushions. Additionally, you can make the two areas appear cohesive by paving the patio with tiles in the same colour as your interior flooring.

Renovating the Right Way: Consult an Expert

Creating and building an indoor-outdoor living design requires experts in the field. It’s crucial to have the right support and a complete, clearly detailed plan which you can only get when you use professional designer builders.

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