Ground Floor Extension Or A First Floor Addition
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Are you thinking of doing a home extension but can’t decide whether to go up or out?  When it comes to adding space, certain factors like your block size, layout, regulations, and the type of construction will often make the decision for you. 

Extending your ground-floor space or building a first-floor addition is both a great way to add value to your property as well as, of course, increase space. Let’s explore the two options today to help you make the right choice for your particular needs. Keep reading to learn more! 

Building A Ground Floor Extension 

A ground-floor extension is a good option if you have enough land size and can afford to take up a bit of your outdoor space. It is a great way of creating more living space or opening up and extending existing space to the outdoors to create that lovely indoor-outdoor space.

A ground floor extension option allows you to: 

  • Create more space for entertainment or family gatherings 
  • Create and expand open-plan living spaces 
  • Open up indoor living space and extend it to the outdoors 
  • Change the current layout of a floor plan that no longer suits you 

Ground Floor Extension Or A First Floor Addition

Building A First-Floor Addition 

With a first-floor addition, you can essentially double your living space (if regulations permit) whilst keeping the same footprint size and not losing any of your outdoor space.  This is the best option if you do not have enough space on your block. 

A first-floor addition option allows you to:

  • Keep your existing outdoor area without losing any outdoor space
  • Create an additional living zone – perhaps an upstairs kids’ retreat area
  • Or create a master suite comprising of a master bedroom, ensuite bathroom, and walk-in-robe 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing between building a ground-floor extension or adding a first-floor to your home will ultimately depend on regulations, your specific needs and preferences as well as your available space. Both options will revitalise your home while adding space to accommodate a growing family or to modernise an old, tired-looking home. 

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