5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes
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5 Colour Schemes To Consider For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes

5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes

Have you inherited or bought a period home that is in need of a renovation or some TLC? Choosing a colour scheme that complements the architectural design of the home is one of the best ways to make it stand out. 

Most homeowners for period homes in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs can attest to the fact that choosing a colour scheme can be a somewhat scary experience because they want to make the home look new but also maintain the charm of a period home. How to do this? Here are some great ideas:

  • Black and other dark colours
  • Neutral shades like grey and white
  • Bold versatile colours
  • Mild shades of blue
  • Metallic

Let’s take a  look into how the above colour schemes can be incorporated into period homes.

Black And Other Dark Colours

Are dark shades a daring choice? Absolutely, but they also add a bit of sophistication to the house. If you take a look at period homes from old photos, some property owners picked darker shades to make the whole design exceptional. Some deep shades of burgundy and maroon are the best for the exterior with the windows and fittings being white or grey.

Neutral Shades

The one feature that identifies a period home is neutral colour schemes because most of them had neutral shades. These are colours that look simple yet classy. The best options are grey and shades of white. You can also mix a bit of grey and white for different parts of the exterior.

5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes

Bold Versatile Colours

One of the best examples of such a colour is green. If you feel that a darker shade of green may be too much for all sides, it is also possible to have green on one side of the exterior. Another great colour would be navy blue. Make sure you do not get colours that are too distracting from the best features of the house.

Mild Shades Of Blue

A sky blue or baby blue will fit a period home, especially when used with a bit of white for some parts of the house. It is advisable to get the opinion of your decorator on what shades to use so that they do not end up being too mild. A light purple shade will also be great with some designs of period homes.

Metallic Colour Schemes

For this, you can go with brown, shades of gold, or coppers for a period home. Orange is one of the colours that you wouldn’t expect to complement a period home, but the truth is it looks great on certain period homes. You can talk to your decorator to get their opinion of the best metallic colour schemes to pick for the type of period home you have.

5 Colour Schemes For Melbourne Bayside Period Homes

Need More Ideas?

Here are some other tips that you should look at before picking the colour scheme for your period home.

Colours That Connect To Materials Work Best – Choosing such colours will make the exterior look unique because they emulate the materials traditionally used to make the period home. 

Make Sure The Colours Balance – To make the colours and the exterior look even, it is best to balance the colours. For instance, choosing to use dark and bold colours for the top parts of the house and mild ones for the bottom may not turn out as you expect.

Maintain The Structural Integrity – While trying out new colour schemes for your period home may seem like fun, some designs will not incorporate the colour schemes you have in mind. Talking to an expert can help prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Highlight The Best Features – Make sure you put bold colour schemes on the best parts of the exterior so that you can highlight those particular features of your period home.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an expert to help with your renovation project in the bayside suburbs, then look no further than Bayside Extensions. Check out some of the projects and homes we have successfully remodelled and renovated.

Let us know your requirements. Share with us your vision and let us help you bring them to life. Schedule an appointment now for a free consultation.

If you are planning any extensions or renovations on your bayside home, please call us at Bayside Extensions today on 03 9596 0368 or leave an inquiry

5 Interior Design Ideas Period Home Brighton
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5 Interior Design Ideas For Your Period Home In Brighton 

Brighton is one of the more affluent suburbs in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs. Residents are lucky to be close to the city while enjoying one of the best beach views in Australia. 

There are a lot of modern homes in Brighton however, there are a few beautiful exceptions. Period homes in Brighton are becoming very rare so if you are living in one and are looking to update or renovate the interior, this article is for you.

We have come up with 5 interior design ideas perfect for your period home in Brighton. 

1). Combine Modern Design Against Old Pieces

Just because you live in an older home does not mean the interior and everything in it has to be old too. For example, you can hang modern paintings and other ornamental pieces above your restored fireplace. 

Or, you can hang pendant lighting fixtures to complement your wooden beams on the ceiling. This is a great way to accentuate interior architecture. Another way is to put fluffy white rugs against the original hardwood floors.

Mixing in some contemporary furniture is also another way to freshen up the home interior. Modern and old can work well if done right. 

2). Go All White And White Hues

Use some beach vibes to bring your period property back to life. You are right by the beach after all! Going for that beachy feel does not always mean steering wheels from boats and lifesavers on the walls. 

Bringing in white furniture or fluffy white pillows and carpets can do the trick. Play with the white colour. There are so many white hues that will make the home look vibrant and feel fresh – things you feel when you are at the beach. 

3). Go With Small Splashes Of Colour

Choose your colour schemes carefully. For example, paint the walls and ceilings with neutral tones. This way you can play with splashes of colours with the furniture, decorations, accessories, appliances, and fixtures.

  • Modern colourful paintings
  • A brightly coloured ottoman
  • Gold or bronze plumbing fixtures
  • Black or bronze doorknobs and cabinet handles

The key is to keep the pops of colour scattered around the house in small doses. Keep the rest of the house neutral, maintain sleek and clean lines. By keeping it classy with the colours, you are maintaining the classic theme and period style of your home while elevating the aesthetics with modern touches and colours.

4). Add Cozy Touches To Soften Up The Space

Add modern and soft touches to your period home. Mix the old and the new and create a cosy ambience by adding the following accessories:

  • Shag pile rugs
  • Textured cushions
  • Knitted blankets
  • Snuggly pillows
  • Fluffy footstools

5). Create A Modern Retro Wall

Decorate your walls with modern art. Go for the retro theme to get the right balance between modern and old. Introduce something unexpected or unusual in your living room or dining room through art like:

  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Trinkets
  • Antique plates and vases

Important Interior Decorating Tips:

  • Highlight your period home’s classic features instead of hiding or covering them up.
  • Decorate to enhance the original features, not overpower them.
  • Stick to neutral paint colours so you have more room to play with colours when it comes to furniture, fixtures, accessories, decorations, etc.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Consult professional designers and contractors during the planning stage. Period homes are harder to decorate and come with some interior design challenges, so it‘s better to do it with professionals who know what they are doing.
  • Keep it classy and simple.
  • Avoid imitation pieces. 
  • Set a budget and a reasonable timeframe.

The interior designing of a period home is challenging because you are not dealing with a clean slate. Most of the space, including the layout and furnishings, are outdated. Finding pieces to complement and enhance the classic design of the house can be tough. 

Save time and money (and a major headache) by hiring interior design experts who can do the job right according to your preference and with fewer mistakes. Hire local companies who are not just experts in design but also experts when it comes to Brighton culture and style.

Interior design mistakes are costly. Make sure you do it right the first time. Do it with Bayside Extensions. Check out some of the projects and homes we have successfully remodelled and renovated.

Let us know your requirements. Share with us your vision and let us help you bring them to life. Schedule an appointment now for a free consultation. Let your period home stand out and be the envy of Brighton.

If you are planning any extensions and renovations on your period home in Brighton, please call us at Bayside Extensions today on 03 9596 0368 or leave an inquiry

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Into The Light in Glen Iris

Modern family living calls for bright, open spaces for relaxation and entertainment – and making the most of the great outdoors. This Bayside extension was a perfect example of turning a house full of dark, impractical spaces into a sophisticated light-filled home.
grey couch

Non-functional Rooms and Limited Entertainment Space

This lovely property had all the hallmarks of a classic 1920s double storey home, but while the front of the home had some truly beautiful rooms, the rear of the property had become frustrating for the owners.

Unfortunately, previous renovations were very dated and had resulted in a less than ideal layout. There was no flow – no easy connection between rooms, which were dark, awkward and non-functional. This busy, growing family had limited space to play and inadequate space to comfortably entertain friends and neighbours.

Open Living Areas Connecting Indoor with Outdoor

Our brief was simple – create harmonious, light-filled, open living areas with an effortless flow and an easy connection to the outdoor area. Needing more space for their family, an upstairs children’s wing was to be added to the second storey, again with an emphasis on openness.

Further, the owners yearned for a home with tranquil garden and pool vistas from their generous new living areas, where they could relax and entertain with ease.

A Welcoming and Light Ground Floor Extension

The first step was the ground floor extension. The existing footprint underwent significant change and reorganisation to create wonderful new living spaces. The formerly dark, cramped kitchen is now a joy to behold, so welcoming and bathed in light. To enhance the feeling of space in this kitchen renovation, a crisp white colour scheme was chosen, accented by stainless steel appliances. A stunning walk-in pantry and wide, island bench finish this stunning new kitchen, which now overlooks the spacious living and dining areas.
large white kitchen and dining area
spacious dining area with wooden table
The new living room draws in the outside with its large picture windows. A full wall entertainment unit features an inset television space and ample storage and the room is now comfortable and luxurious.grey couch with turquoise throw pillows

Marble Bathroom Tiles Adding Immaculate Style

Quality features and finishes have been employed throughout, adding to the stylish look and feel. The renovated bathroom is simply immaculate and the clever use of striking floor to ceiling marble tiles is the perfect backdrop for the large shower recess, sparkling white vanity and deep bath.
shower area

Adding Space for Family and Friends

The first floor extension has created more living space for the children and their friends. An inspired raised cubby area provides yet another enchanting and special space for the family to enjoy.
kids playroom
kids playroom with white walls

A Beautiful, Warm and Welcoming Bayside Extension

Finally, the outdoor area now features a large timber deck, landscaped garden and still plenty of room for a family pool on the horizon.

This Bayside extension project is now a stunningly beautiful, warm and welcoming home and we were delighted to be a part its transformation.
brick house with large windows

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Elegance, grace and functional space for a growing family

This beautiful home extension presented us with one of our favourite scenarios – transforming a period home to meet a modern lifestyle whilst respecting its’ period character.

This charming  home is one of Brighton East’s many period homes in the Bayside area.

Fortunately, over the years, its various owners have cared for this very special property with respect and as a result, many of the original features have remained intact or have been lovingly restored.

When we first met with the current owners, the brief for their bayside house renovation was clear. They were determined to retain the period character of the home whilst introducing the home to modern functionalities

Our talented design team carefully developed exciting plans for a major ground floor extension at the back of the property, along with the addition of an expansive new first floor. The owners requested that the lead light windows they had so beautifully restored be a prominent feature in the renovation. Their extensive wine collection needed pride of place and they wanted more storage space out of their interior renovation.

Rustic Kitchen Meets Classic Design

The rustic exposed brick of the kitchen wall, a perfect nod to the original solid ‘bones’ of the home, is both timeless and quirky. Classic white kitchen cupboards offer an ideal contrast to the elegant dark marble countertop and robust stainless steel appliances.  
white kitchen with brick walls

Creating Space For A Modern Family

To meet our clients’ desire for a modern and spacious family home, the capacity of the existing living area needed to be maximised. Achieving the goal of this living room renovation required careful negotiations with Council and Town Planning, as site coverage was already at a maximum. Additional area was found at the first floor level in a highly aesthetic design that met council requirements and client needs. The existing windows were increased in length and depth to create a stylish and comfortable light-filled room.
modern living area with large couches

A Stunning Bathroom Centrepiece

The ground floor bathroom remodel is a tribute to our design team. To ensure the beautiful stained glass window design remained a centrepiece, tiles were selected in a neutral shade of beige and laid from floor to wall, then complemented by a beige stone bench top. The finishing touch was a classic freestanding bathtub, which adds a simple and elegant silhouette.
bathroom with a bathtub and wash basin

Entertainment Area For The Whole Family

One of our favourite spaces in this stunning home is the deck extension. The wide, spacious timber deck, with an added step for easy access to the garden, seamlessly connects the rear of the house to the garden and offers a glorious retreat for the whole family to enjoy. This rear extension certainly invites relaxed afternoon entertaining.
deck extension of a modern house

Practical Wine storage

A wine cellar was built for the owners to store and display their enviable wine collection.
wine cellar filled with wines

Meeting the Lifestyle  Needs of a Bayside Family

The final result – a beautifully appointed, five-bedroom bayside home with exceptional living space that caters perfectly for the lifestyle needs of a growing family. This carefully renovated home  with its spacious extension is set to be enjoyed and admired for many years to come.

Looking for more reasons why an extension is worth the time and money? Click here to read about improving your home with an extension.
stairs and dining area
entertainment room with a large couch

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