Contemporary Home Renovations And Extensions Melbourne

Contemporary Home Extension Ideas

Adding to your current living area can be a sensible option if you want to grow your family without having to go through the costly process of moving house. This enables homeowners to have more control over not just choosing their needs now, but also later on.

A contemporary style home extension is the perfect way to add space and value to an already existing property. If done properly, it allows you to maintain the design aesthetic for elegance throughout all aspects of the project from initial planning through to completion.

Contemporary Home Renovations Inspiration

Being able to visualise your dream kitchen or bathroom in 3D before renovations start can save you time and money. With advancements in technology, it is now possible for homeowners like yourself, to be able to work out what type of design would suit your tastes as well as work out the costs to achieve this.

The home design market is full of variety. From cottages boasting southern style porches to brick-built homes lining long streets filled with lush greenery, it’s fairly easy to take a stroll around your suburb in search of some inspiration from the different styles that are available on the market place today.

Design Styles

Contemporary Home Architecture Schemes

At first glance, Contemporary Homes seem like a modern take on traditional styles. Open floor plans and large kitchens for those who love cooking or baking in their free time are just some examples of the sleek features that can be found here.

However, there’s more than meets the eye with contemporary homes. These attractive designs come with an all-inclusive design approach tailored towards different needs and desires. You’ll find everything from glass windows providing privacy when needed to impressive views across landscapes while still being able to enjoy open layouts whenever desired.

A new generation of home designers are breaking down traditional barriers and tearing away at the mold. They’re taking what was once a space just for living in, and turning it into something personal with a certain style that you can call your own. This can include the use of recyclable materials like wood or brick; an eco-friendly design such as solar power usage on roof tops (solar panels); or even incorporating some artistry by adding sculptures from local artists around town. These innovative ideas not only produce unique and bespoke homes but also offer convenience and comfort.

If you’re looking to renovate or extend to create your dream home, please contact Bayside Extensions today on (03) 9596 0368.

Contemporary Home Design Concepts

While looking for your new Contemporary Home design, it is important to consider what type of style you want. Do you prefer modern amenities and clean lines? Or would classic designs with natural light be more fitting? There are many different home models available so take some time browsing through them before making a decision so that the design you choose will stay relevant throughout the years!

Custom Contemporary Home Ideas

The crisp white walls of contemporary homes are often complemented with wood or stone flooring. Open spaces encourage peace and tranquility, making them a perfect place for family bonding time. You can use strategically placed furniture so that you can take in the natural sunlight during winter months, while enjoying the cosiness created by other heat sources such as fireplaces which add warmth back into the home.

Bespoke Contemporary Home Quotes

A lot goes into designing a Contemporary Home from its floor plan down right through finishing touches like fixtures to make it complete. The best way to get a price estimate for Contemporary Home renovation or extension is by getting in touch with local architects or developers such as Bayside Extensions. At Bayside Extensions, we can provide detailed information including project design ideas and will be able to give you pricing estimates based on what materials are used, how many bedrooms there’ll be; square meterage requirements etc.

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