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The living room is often referred to as the heart of the home. Rightfully so because it is often where we spend most of our time whether alone, with family and friends, or entertaining guests.

Whether spacious or small, your living room should be the place where you can be comfortable at all times. It is where you can sit down and do what you like at the end of a long day and not worry about anything else.

Here are some of the ways you can make a living room cosy and inviting.

1. Buy a comfortable couch.

It is a comfortable piece of furniture that you can use for you, your family and your guests to lounge, or even lie down to take a nap. If you think you might be using it for relaxing, then choose a couch that is long enough to accommodate you and is soft enough to allow your body to truly rest. Either way, this is a high use piece of furniture so ensure you spend some time looking for the right piece that will suit your needs.

grey couch with wooden centre table2. Use ample soft furnishings.

While we’re still talking about things that are soft, you should never forget to add rugs or cushions to your living room. Cushions are not just for the couch either, consider placing them on chairs and even invest in large floor cushions if your space allows. Also, with the right colours and textures, your pillows and rugs can serve as visual accents to the rest of the room.

3. Let in some natural light.

A well-lit room truly feels like home and the best way to achieve this is by letting in some sunlight. Focus on making the most of the light you have, or think about creating large windows to let the light in. Skylights are also a good option if your space won’t allow for extra windows. Your living room will be warmer and more inviting, and your guests will never want to leave!

4. Indoor plants and flowers.

Indoor plants can change the look and feel of your home. Along with creating a beautiful and inviting space for all to enjoy, they help to freshen up the area. Flowers look and smell great so having them in your living room as well is a definite plus. So if you want your living room to be your place of relaxation, adding a variety of indoor plants and some vases full of colourful flowers will have you well on your way.

5. Add books and bookshelves.

A stereotypical image of a cosy room is that of a person sitting comfortably on the couch, sipping a hot beverage while reading a book. A good book can keep you company and entertained any time you may want to cosy up. It’s a good idea to have some books within reach or even better, have a bookshelf installed and fill it with books that you’ve enjoyed or are planning to read.

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