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It’s a growing trend to have an eco-friendly home exterior design. Not only are greener houses healthier for both the environment and inhabitants, but can be friendlier to your wallets. Since ecologically friendly homes have become mainstream, a lot of hardware stores now carry and sell materials and products that used to be hard to find and expensive.

If you fancy a home exterior design that’s environmentally friendly for your next facade renovation, here are some useful exterior design tips.

house with solar panels on the roofTips on Eco-friendly Home Exterior Design

#1 Go for Eco-friendly Building Materials

The material used to build your house exterior makes a significant difference in your energy efficiency as well as the quality of the air you breathe at home. Environmentally friendly materials can emit little to no toxins and have fewer harmful chemical pollutants, which means it carries fewer health risks to people and the earth. Are you wondering what material you should consider for your exterior renovation and building your house, in general? Natural, sustainably grown and farmed timbers. Other eco-friendly building materials include rammed earth, natural stone, straw bale, mud-brick and concrete.

#2 Work with Your Landscape

A common issue homeowners run into when renovating their exterior are the trees planted on their plot and uneven land. Instead of finding ways to remove this problem and spending more on construction cost, extensive heating, ventilation, and lighting, why not use your surroundings to your ability? Instead of cutting down trees, you can incorporate a creative design to include as part of your facade. If your property slopes due to uneven ground, you can use that to highlight your home’s overall design.

#3 Use Solar Power and Geothermal Heat

One of the ultimate sources for low-cost and clean energy is solar power. To utilise the sun’s energy best, carefully plan where to position solar panels on your home to get the most out of the sun.

Designing with the Environment in Mind

It is best to consult professionals to design and turn your home into a green one. You can count on our expert designers and builders to help you all the way. Call us today at (03) 9596 0368.

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