Expert Guide To Period Home Renovations
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Any home improvement project, especially a period home, can be very intricate. Renovating a period home requires specialist work to bring out the beautiful period features. 

The principal objective of restoration work on an aging structure is to restore it to its former long-term glory. Read more about designing and renovating a period home below.

What are Period Homes?

Period homes are houses whose structural work dates to a specific historical era and have distinctive architectural designs. The historical era is divided into periods, typically named for the reigning monarch at the time. Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian homes are all examples of period homes.

Factors to Consider Before Renovating a Period Home

Some improvements on your period home are vital for modernising specific rooms and raising the entire property’s value. However, first, consider the following factors before you start thinking about renovating your home.

Expert Guide To Period Home Renovations

What Aspects Of Your House Do You Want To Change?

Planning your home improvement project around the rooms you want to renovate is crucial. For instance, significant changes to the kitchen are likely to have an impact on the rooms nearby.

You don’t want to feel like you are in a different house when moving from the living room to the newly renovated kitchen. Additionally, extensive remodelling may make the rest of the room appear dated or worn out, particularly for larger rooms and areas.

Choose an Experienced Team Who Specialises in Period Home Renovations

Another important factor to consider is that renovating a period home is not as straightforward as a more contemporary home as it does require expertise in order to do the job properly.  The average home renovator does not have the knowledge or experience to be able to do this effectively. It is crucial that you work with an experienced builder that specialises in period homes to carry out your home renovation. 

Final Thoughts

Period homes have significant historical and cultural value. A successful period home renovation makes an effort to enhance or maintain the building’s distinctive original components and qualities.

Choose Custom Renovation and Extension Experts!

Bayside Extensions in Melbourne will assist you in the renovation of your period home backed with years of experience and professionalism. Our talented Design and Build team have expertise in creating distinctive solutions that preserve the structural integrity of historic buildings, enhance historic characteristics, and match your modern lifestyle through high-quality restorations. 

If you are planning any renovations or an extension on your period home in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs, please call us at Bayside Extensions today on 03 9596 0368 or leave an inquiry


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