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Glen Iris is a charming suburb located just 10km from the CBD. People who live in Glen Iris enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and many who move there never leave. That is why it can be very difficult when faced with the need to move into a bigger house to accommodate a growing family or moving into a new house based on current lifestyle demands. Leaving a beautiful suburb like Glen Iris is not an easy decision. However, moving to another suburb is not the only option available. The good news is that you can stay right where you are and simply extend or renovate your home in Glen Iris to meet your current lifestyle demands. That is where Bayside Extensions are here to help. At Bayside Extensions, our experienced team of designers can work with you and help you design the home of your dreams with some creative input and ideas in order to maximise the the space you already have. That means you can avoid and stress and costs associated with moving and continue living right where you are in the suburb you love.

Why Choose To Live In Glen Iris?

Beautiful Glen Iris has tree-lined streets and rolling hills that make it a picture perfect snapshot of life in suburbia. A favourite among Melbourne’s established set, it’s easy to forget this charming neighbourhood is just 10 kilometres from the CBD.

The green parks of Glen Iris are a perfect place to take in the fresh air, play some cricket and enjoy leisurely dog walking. A tranquil setting like this one doesn’t come along too often – so it makes a whole lot of sense to renovate or extend your existing house if you need extra space rather than moving to another suburb.

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Demographics In Glen Iris

There are around 25,000 residents in Glen Iris of which almost 21% are older couples and families, just over 17% are established couples and families, around 14% independent youth while just over 52% of people are married.

The main occupations of people living in Glen Iris are around 38% professionals, 21% sales and administrative workers, just over 18% managers, around 8% community and personal service workers, while just over 6% are technicians and trades workers.

Almost 39% of homes in Glen Iris are fully owned and nearly 33% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage, while the median individual income is around $850 per week and the median household income is just under $2,000 per week. The median mortgage repayment in Glen Iris is $2,383 per month.

Older Couples & Families


Established Couples & Families


Independent Youth


Lifestyle In Glen Iris

Glen Iris is a peaceful and affluent suburb, with a character all of its own. Many of the residents enjoy sports and spend a great deal of time at sporting centres, like Harold Holt Swim Centre and Hartwell Sports Ground. The area is very lush and leafy, so many people enjoy relaxing in the outdoors and spending time at the many parks in the area.

You are often greeted by friendly neighbours who will stop by your house with morning newspapers over coffee or say hello outside if they see you walking down the street. This peaceful suburb is the perfect place to raise families or enjoy your retirement years comfortably at home.

Types Of Homes In Glen Iris

Over 70 per cent of the homes in Glen Iris are single-family dwellings. There is a variety of different homes, ranging from small townhouses to large, upscale properties. While many of the homes here are only a single story, there are some very large, period homes in the area as well. The great thing is that there are also very modern areas of Glen Iris that appeal to those who are younger.

Median Home Prices In Glen Iris

The average home in Glen Iris costs a bit over $700,000, and buy extending or renovating your home, you can add significant value to it making the investment extremely worthwhile. This is a great place to live, so it should not be surprising that many residents would never consider living anyplace else. 

If you live in Glen Iris, and you have grown tired of the property you have, please give us a call. We can work with you to create a space that is perfect for all of your needs while adding significant value to your property.

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