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Are you considering to renovate and extend your home? Need more space for your growing family or for entertaining guests? Trying to find ways to make your living space more comfortable and functional to fit your lifestyle needs? You’ve probably been thinking about that home extension project for quite some time now but don’t know where to even begin. Here we pose some questions to consider and tips to get you started!

1. Which way to go – vertical or horizontal?

First up, know what you have, what you need and what you’d like to achieve. Do you need an additional bedroom or bathroom, a more spacious kitchen, an outdoor area for entertainment or an extra living space? How can you best achieve this considering the size, style and location of your current home? Depending on what is permitted, some possibilities include an upper storey addition, a single-storey side or rear extension, converting garage space or building a studio in your garden.

Before taking the plunge, consult an experienced builder to know what will work best for your home in the most cost-effective way.

2. When old meets new – how do you achieve that cohesive look?

When it comes to building extensions for your existing home, design cohesion is important. You want to achieve a sense of continuity between the old and the new, or your house will look tacky and disjointed. The challenge is how to work with the original character of your house and marry it with a more contemporary look.

Consult with your design and build team for materials, construction methods and architectural design that will complement your existing home. Talk to an interior designer to help you choose the right colour schemes, fixtures, fittings, and finishes for your newly added space that will perfectly blend with the rest of the house.

entrance to living room3. Creativity and functionality – how to balance with your personal style?

Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea! If you’re like many who struggle with colour palettes, designs and layouts, best to leave this stuff to the experts. That’s not to say that you can’t transform your old home into something that defines your personal style. You’ll be surprised how professional designers can bring to life ideas that blend creativity and functionality with a touch of your own personality into your home extension designs.

4. Energy efficiency is ‘hot’ and sustainability is ‘cool’

New builds and extension projects in Victoria are required to meet compulsory energy performance ratings, construction codes and standards. Expert builders and designers will help ensure your new extension meets these requirements. Solar panels, rainwater tanks, double-glazed windows and insulation that are up to code are some of the ways you can consider incorporating in your home extension to reduce your carbon footprint.

Talk to the experts!

A home extension project is a complex, yet exciting and rewarding task! One simple mistake could be costly, so it pays to work with the experts.

At Bayside Extensions, our team of professionals can work with you from planning through to design and execution. Contact us today and let’s start talking

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