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After spending a lot of time and resources on the renovation of your house, you’ve finally achieved your dream home and outdoor garden space. The next step is learning how to easily and properly maintain the look and feel of your beautiful new house, and how to take care of the exterior so it lasts for years to come.

Unlike indoor spaces, you cannot keep outdoor spaces, particularly your garden, pavements, and decks, neat and tidy just by sweeping and wiping alone. You’ll need to consider various elements such as plants, lighting, furniture care, and even the weather when it comes to the maintenance of the exterior areas of your home.

Tips to Easily Maintain Your Renovated Garden

1. Maintain a Relaxing and Spacious Atmosphere

Over time, your home’s outdoor area may become cluttered and piled up with different items that you want to keep out of the house. This will not only ruin the exterior look of your house but can also hamper the use you intended for it as well.

So that you can enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the sun with your family and friends in a neat and tidy space, you could consider installing an outside cupboard or screen to hide any clutter. By keeping things such as garden tools, rubbish bins, and other items out of the way, you are maintaining the look of your new space and setting an atmosphere that will allow you to chill and have a relaxing day outdoors.

2. Protect Your Deck and Pavement from Damage

Your outdoor area could also include other elements such as a deck or paving. Keeping these clean and properly sealed is one of the most basic ways to prevent damage.

Before cleaning, you should inspect and check the materials used for your deck or paving. Decks are usually made with wood so you’ll want to use the right cleaning products and methods. Ask your designer or builder for specifications of materials used so you can find out how to properly care for your deck. While cleaning, you can also check for any areas that may need repair.

cleaning a deck using power hose3. Perform Regular Cladding Maintenance

While some wall cladding may require little care, various materials used for cladding might be prone to mould or decay. Knowing what materials and finishes are used for your exterior walls will help you know how you can maintain it to last longer.

Cleaning and removing dust and dirt will help with the overall look, but things like mould, mosses, and other natural residue may contribute to faster deterioration. If you’re not sure of best way to maintain your cladding, an expert can provide advice. Get a professional to handle everything from installation to maintenance and you’ll know you’re in good hands.

If you’re unsure how to incorporate outdoor spaces and exterior finishes that work well with your new home renovation and your lifestyle, a professional designer & builder can help. Get some ideas and inspiration from our previous projects, and Contact Bayside Extensions to learn more about creating beautiful spaces for your home.

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