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Ivanhoe is situated 9 kilometres to the northeast of the Melbourne CBD, with Banyule being its local government area. The Yarra River is the boundary in one direction, with the Ivanhoe golf course and narrow riparian strip reserve being all that stand between this suburb’s residents and nature. Darebin Creek runs along the other side also so in terms of nature, it doesn’t get any better than living here!

As you can see from the above, there’s really no need to move to another suburb as Ivanhoe is considered one of the most beautiful suburbs in Melbourne’s inner east. This is where Period Extensions & Designs come into the picture. 

We have been providing home renovations and extensions in Ivanhoe for over 20 years. Whether you are looking at an extension or a small renovation like updating your kitchen or a bathroom with new appliances, cabinets and fixtures, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Ivanhoe?

With a wealth of historic charm and a village-like aura, it’s not surprising that many individuals are lifelong inhabitants of Ivanhoe. This suburb is loved by older families, couples with children or young couples looking to establish a family. 

The location of Ivanhoe makes it a viable option for a broad range of people, be it singles, couples or families. Ivanhoe is considered very safe and welcoming, and you can find almost anything you want on your doorstep. The area is vibrant and there’s almost always something going on.

Distance to

Distance from Melbourne

Ivanhoe Demographics

Ivanhoe has a population of just over 12,000 people with around 20% being older couples and families, 15.7% established couples and families and 14.2% maturing and established independence.

The main occupations of people living in Ivanhoe are around 40% professionals, 30% managers and administrative workers and 15% made up of sales workers, technicians and trades workers.

Older Couples & Families


Established Couples & Families


Maturing & Established Independence


Ivanhoe Lifestyle

Abundantly leafy, Ivanhoe is the epitome of suburban paradise, with the neighbours being equally welcoming. Well-known for its gorgeous Art Deco architecture, the homes here just scream elegance. 

Set on expansive blocks, these stylish houses will give you the breakaway you are looking for away from the bustle of the CBD. There are also lush parks, fantastic schools, a golf course, a modern arts space, and an appealing shopping strip filled with boutique stores and cafes. 

Types Of Homes In Ivanhoe

Just 9km from the CBD, this pretty and green area is filled with townhouses, luxurious mansions, heritage homes, and stylish designer apartments. Given the different blend of homes here, Ivanhoe is perfect for establishing your roots for the long haul.

Ivanhoe Median House Prices

The majority of persons residing in Ivanhoe are homeowners, with only 31% of people renting out the spaces they live in. The median sale price for a house in Ivanhoe is around $1.4 million, which is significantly higher compared to the nationwide average which is $485,000. 

However, Ivanhoe is considered a more lavish place to live compared to many Melbourne suburbs, and the awesome location and lifestyle make the house rates worthwhile and a great investment for the future.

$585 PW
$480 PW
$550 PW
$850 PW
$430 PW
$350 PW
$430 PW
$580 PW

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