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Modern designs for lounges and living spaces are a trend these days, and for a good reason. As the antithesis of traditional design, modernism highlights simplicity, function, and cleanliness. It embraces and artfully utilises straight, clean lines, bare surfaces, muted colour palettes and streamlined furniture, making the rooms feel more spacious and seamless.

Which Modern Lounge Design Is for You?

Many types of looks can be considered modern for your living room, each unique and ideal in different ways for a homeowner’s tastes and needs. What kind of modern lounge do you like?

Warm and Inviting

There’s a common misconception that modern designs are cold since they often feature bold, angular lines and cool colours. Several modern lounge designs actually display elements that are naturally warm and cozy, like deep-coloured woods, stone, and textured tiles. Open fireplaces are an excellent, aesthetic choice for this kind of style.

Open and Spacious

Consider open plan living, or blending your living space and the dining area. An open floor plan has become one of the most popular trends over the years as there is a growing need for function and efficiency at home. Most modern designs involve fewer walls and hallways, creating a more welcoming and open space ideal for families.

modern home loungeMinimalist

Less is more when it comes to this style; the beauty of minimal furnishings is that it lets the design speak for itself. A minimalist design demands a simple colour scheme and careful choices for furniture and decor pieces. For example, a white lounge goes fantastically with striking black-and-white pieces. Give the space a vibrant pop by adding accents such as yellow pillows or indoor plants and flowers.

High-class and Refined

Glass and stainless steel are perfect materials to use for a sophisticated, sleek lounge aesthetic. Try mixing high-contrasting furniture, colours and materials as well; you can pair colours like black and white to create a high-class, urban feel, or match old and new pieces, like a sleek bench under a vintage desk for a unique appeal.

Serene and Natural

A modern style that embraces serenity and nature might be the perfect design for a lounge with a view and lots of natural light. Wood, stone and metals are the key materials to use here. Using indoor plants, wooden floors, and earthy furniture unites the interior and the outdoors into one, seamless image. Nature-inspired colours would work best for a lounge in this style; think delicate blues, sunny yellows and oranges, shades of brown, and calm greens.

Classic and Luxe

The modern classic design is what you get by mixing classic styles and modern touches. This interior is perfect if you want a minimalist yet deluxe, sophisticated space brought by high-quality, luxurious materials and pieces. The hallmark colours of the modern classic design include the classical palette of grey, black, white, brown, and beige.

Designing Your Lounge

These are just some of our favourite modern lounge designs that are worth considering.

Should these modern lounge ideas inspire you to switch up the look of your living room, it’s best to consult a professional designer-builder. Our design and build team at Bayside Extensions would love to help transform your house into a modern home. Check our projects for reference!

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