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The open plan kitchen has become an integral part of the modern home. Not only is it chic and contemporary, but also practical and versatile.

But what is an open plan kitchen? Also known as an open-concept kitchen, it is a large flowing room where the kitchen, dining and living spaces, as well as their functions, are combined. It makes sense that modern homeowners would focus on transforming and extending their kitchen instead of other areas in their house; after all, it’s the heart of the home.

The kitchen is where everything happens: we host social events, do homework, prepare food, dine and share meals, and more. To accommodate these various purposes and functions, open plan living involves kitchens opening up into lounges and living spaces. Most homeowners also extend their kitchens into open plan dining areas, while some others incorporate unique areas to the layout, such as conservatories or workspaces. It’s for this reason that it’s important to take into account the design of your kitchen when considering a whole home renovation.

open plan kitchenBenefits of an Open Plan Kitchen

Open plan living is a growing and enduring trend over the years because of the benefits it offers over traditional kitchen layouts.

1. Space and Versatility

Removing barriers like walls and doors (if permitted) frees up so much space in a room. Open plan kitchens are seeing popularity in recent years because of their spacious and versatile design opens up the kitchen to the rest of the house that makes cooking, dining and living seamless.

2. Natural Light

Fewer walls also mean more natural light to flood into the room, making the home feel more open and comfortable. That’s not just because the wealth of sunlight makes the room feel larger. Did you know that sunlight increases serotonin, which is responsible for making us happier, calmer, and more focused?

3. Greater Bonding and Interactions

Having a multi-functional open-concept kitchen also encourages a family-friendly environment. The seamless dining and living space allows people to cook, eat and socialise without having to move from room to room. It’s also an attractive setup for young parents, as the open space makes it easier to watch their children.

Designing an Open Plan Kitchen & Living Area

Here are some smart design considerations for open-concept kitchens:

  • Select multi-functional furniture that is both practical and consistent with your style or theme. For example, a kitchen island can function as a cooking surface, bar counter for meals, and a stylish division between the cooking and dining zones.
  • Consider where to place your dining table. You wouldn’t want a long walk from the cooking area to bring food to the table.
  • Make sure no furniture is blocking the circulation space between the kitchen, living, and dining zones.
  • Ensure that people don’t need to pass through the work triangle of the kitchen to get to the living or dining space.

Consult Design & Build Professionals

If you’re planning to design and incorporate an open plan kitchen into your home, we recommend consulting with design specialists to do the job. Not only will it require careful planning and know-how, but will also involve heavy tasks, such as dismantling and renovating to extend your kitchen space.

Are you looking to extend or transform your property but unsure of the first steps to take? Here are some informative home extension guides and resources to help you with your planning.

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