Period Home Renovations And Extensions Melbourne

Period Home Renovation Ideas

If you’re looking to make your period home feel like new, then a renovation is the perfect choice. You can restore the aging aesthetics with antique details and paint colours that don’t date quickly, for less cost than rebuilding from the start. You can also incorporate pieces of history into every room helps to generate an atmosphere abundant with stories while still remaining current without sacrificing comfort or convenience – no matter where they are placed throughout the home.

Period Home Extension Concepts

There’s no better way to expand your home than with an extension. With a period-style house, you don’t have the luxury of extra space for storage and appliances; but now there is! Home extensions take this old style of architecture and give it a modern and refreshing feel by adding more living spaces, while maintaining its original charm. This is done by incorporating elements like brick or wood flooring that has been salvaged from knock downs that would’ve otherwise ended up being disposed of.

Design Styles

Period Home Architecture History

Australian period homes are known to be influenced by the gothic revival style. As a result, these houses have many similarities like tall ceilings along with large windows which means one room can connect to another from a hallway. These connect various rooms together in an open floor plan environment where people can feel more connected while they’re inside their own space.

Period style homes usually consist of one colour that often dominates both exterior and interior design. The windows are usually white with red curtains or a bright shade of colour. This kind of defines itself by how well it was designed during the 19th century when classic was popular – since then architects have been trying to recreate those elegant lines through modern-day designs.

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Period Home Design Approaches

The desire for a simpler more traditional design has led to an increase in the popularity of period home extensions and renovations. Period homes offer the benefits associated with both simplicity as well as aesthetics without sacrificing function or modernity. This is what makes them so popular today. Not only do extensions and renovations provide period style homeowners affordability, but allow them to maintain uniqueness through the history of the property.

Period Home Interior Ideas

The home’s interior design should be a reflection of the owner’s personal style. Period Homes prefer natural materials like stone floors covered with antique rugs or wood paneling for walls, with a large fireplace set to keep them cozy on a cold winter’s night.

The opulent home interior decorations of period homes are composed of pieces that reflect a lavish lifestyle. Beds include grand headboards, elaborate chandeliers hanging from ceilings, there’s lots of gold trim on the furniture and lush carpeting covering the floorboards.

Period Home Inspiration

The design process for a Period Home can be both exciting and challenging. You may want to consider simulating the more intricate aspects of decorating from the Baroque, Renaissance or Rococo periods in order to capture this style’s elegance and charm but there are some steps that every homeowner should take before they start their own project.

Research what it would feel like living during different time periods by looking at artworks and draw inspiration from these designs. Get creative with colour by using earth tones instead if bright colours that may seem out-of place and even go as far to think about how various technologies worked back then, for example electricity. Things like this can inspire you to take a certain direction with your period home.

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