Surrey Hills Project

Exclusive looking bathroom covered in dark charcoal bathroom tile

Installation of an office space and living space combined

Sturdy matt polished deck with a generous space to relax

Bathroom Renovation

Elegant bathroom redecoration with large dark charcoal bathroom tiles from top to bottom

Shower space in medium size burgundy bathroom tile to give the bathroom a stunning contrast

Built-in bathtub with a modern bathtub tap installation

Contemporary bathroom sink in a square shape with, matched with a stylish square tap

Grey bathroom benchtop to go with the modern style and finish

Bedroom Design

Freshly laid carpet in charcoal, generating a soft and relaxing feel

Walls painted in light grey, window frames in a crisp white to create structure

Built-in wardrobe covered with tall glossy white closet doors with sleek door handles

Combined Living Area and Office Space

Smart and conveniently designed office space with a white glossy desk, space for two workers

Combined with living room space, filled with stylish couch, television and music instruments

Deck Installation

Rustic deck installation overlooking the pool area

Generous space for BBQ, dinners and relaxing


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