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There may be times when you feel you need a larger home, whether more rooms for your growing family or a much-needed space for recreation or work. If this is the case, you have two options: purchase a bigger house or enlarge your current home.

But which one is the better option?

Home Extension VS. Buying a New Home

You may think that buying a new house might be a better option than to renovate and extend your home. But there are plenty of reasons that homeowners choose to upgrade their existing home instead of moving into newer, larger houses.

For one, is it worth moving to a new place when your current home is in a good location, close to your children’s school or your workplace? If you love your neighbourhood, you don’t need to give up this convenience for a larger home when you can make your current house work for you with an extension.

Here are more reasons you should consider an extension for your family home.

house with patio and conservatory

Reasons to Extend your Home

1. It’s Cost-Effective.

A home extension can save you more money. Aside from the time wasted, you need to consider the additional expenses of moving house. The can include agent fees, advertising costs, and inspections. And don’t forget any government fees and taxes when you buy a new home!

2. It’s Tailored and Designed For You.

Home extensions are a fantastic way to create the space you need so you can use it the way you want to, giving you the power to design your home with the features you want.

It’s more likely that you will achieve your dream home by designing and renovating it than by relying on the chance that you will find exactly what you need on the property market.

3. It Adds Value To Your Property.

Not only will a home extension save you money, but it is also a great investment. Building a room or space that is effective to the house’s overall design raises the market worth of the property.

4. It Provides Space for Various Purposes.

Whether for family, work or leisure, having more space can improve the quality of your home life.

Expanding your home gives your growing family more personal space, which can be achieved with additional bedrooms or extra living space. You can also add working spaces, like offices and specialist workrooms, or create recreational areas such as a conservatory or an art studio.

5. It Improves Energy Efficiency.

Renovation isn’t just about changing the looks and feel of your home, but also a way to reduce the running expenses while increasing the quality of living.

When you extend your home, you can incorporate the use of modern technology to cut costs. For example, installing underfloor heating offers a more efficient method of warming a room than radiators.

There is so much that goes into projects like these, so it’s never recommended that you undertake renovations by yourself. Expert house designer-builders, like Bayside Extensions, can help walk you through the design process, management, permits, and more.

Here at Bayside Extensions, we assist with all aspects of the design, management, build and post-build maintenance. If you’re thinking of starting a home extension project, let us know how we can help by calling us at (03) 9596 0368 or filling up our enquiry form.

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