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Many growing families living in Brighton are eventually faced with the decision to either extend or move. Even though many homeowners find it exciting to move to another suburb, for some, the thought of leaving where you live is almost impossible to bear.  The problem is that some older homes tend to lack that modern feel and more often than not, lack the space you need for your family to live comfortably. However, deciding to add another bathroom, family room, or bedroom can create more space along with increasing the value of your property.  If you have been thinking about an extension or renovation, then Bayside Extensions have decades of experience helping homeowners in Brighton create unique, custom-designed extensions and renovations. Bayside Extensions have a team of professional builders and expert designers that are here to help you achieve the luxury home you have always dreamed of in Brighton. 

Why Choose To Live In Brighton?

Located just 11 kilometres south of the city, Brighton is a well-heeled, beautiful looking suburb bordered by a stunning beach, with an exceptional bike track and vibrant beach boxes. Inland is home to prestigious schools and the dual shopping strips of Church Street and Bay Street. These shopping strips boast cinemas, boutiques, and restaurants. 

Brighton is known for its long-term, loyal community, which is why several established families are living here, with a few slightly younger couples and families carrying on this tradition. This suburb is also the proud home to many life-long locals that are enjoying retirement. 

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Demographics In Brighton

The population of Brighton is just under 24,000 people. Of this, just over 20% are older couples and families, around 17% are established couples and families and just over 11% are elderly singles.

The main occupations of residents living in Brighton are just over 36% professionals, around 23% managers, just over 21% administrative and sales workers, almost 7% personal and community service workers and just over 5% trades workers and technicians.

Around 46% of all homes in Brighton are fully owned, just over 27% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage, while the median individual income is around $900 per week and the median household income is $2,200 per week. The median mortgage repayment in Brighton is around $3,000 per month. 

Older Couples & Families


Established Couples & Families


Elderly Singles


Lifestyle In Brighton

Life in Brighton can be described as a relaxing pursuit. Many residents start their day walking or cycling close to the beach before they enjoy brunch or lunch at one of the many cafes. Church Street boasts boutique shopping, a great supermarket, the Dendy Cinemas, and every amenity you can expect. Bay Street is more compact, including the trendy Brighton Bay Cinema. 

Brighton also boasts some of the most prestigious sports clubs and private schools and is also serviced well by buses, trains, and the tram to East Brighton.

Types Of Houses In Brighton

Brighton lays claim to some of Melbourne’s most sought-after homes. These include immaculate, enormous Victorian homes with glowing gold windows and modern mansions with tennis courts and pools. 

There are also a few stunning Edwardian homes and period houses. Brighton is also home to modern and new townhouses, striking architecture, and glitzy apartments conveniently located along the beachfront. 

Median House Prices In Brighton

Median property prices in Brighton are around $3,190,000 which is considerably higher when compared to the median home prices of $710,000 in Victoria.  If you live in the prestigious and pretty beachside suburb of Brighton, but you are looking for a more stylish design or you need extra space, an extension or complete home renovation could be the answer to your needs.  Our expert team at Bayside Extensions is here to make sure you achieve the home of your dreams with the best decorative finishes possible. Please call us today to discuss how we can transform your house into something spectacular in one of Melbourne’s most prestigious and beautiful suburbs.
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