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French Provincial Home Renovation Ideas

The traditional architecture of a French Provincial style house typically has large, square windows and beautiful brick or stone walls with rich timber accents creating a character all of its own. This is a place where you can feel at peace in your surroundings just by looking around! 

However, before starting any renovations it’s important for homeowners to not only get ideas about how to best showcase these features throughout their home but also what kind of style they might want. 

Bespoke French Provincial Extensions

With a timeless and classical look, the French Provincial style is perfect for anyone who wants to make their home more livable. Open floor plans have become very popular in recent times and as a result, there is a multitude of options available to give you some design inspiration. This will allow you maximise square meterage while providing adequate separation from other spaces in order feel comfortable living with a large family.

Design Styles

French Provincial Architecture Inspiration

The architecture of Chateaus is truly a thing to marvel at. These palaces were built during the 17th century in France, yet still have this old world charm with fresh takes on traditional techniques. This gives a feeling that is both modernised for today’s lifestyle yet also has a nostalgic feel about it. 

Stone or brick construction paired up nicely against white shingles is one way these homes stay true to their roots while incorporating new trends. Depending upon what architectural style you choose, you can achieve a lovely airy feeling inside your house’s interior space.

This is because the ceilings are typically high, the windows wide and there is an abundance of natural light. The floors are usually made from hardwood which creates a bright atmosphere and  an old-world charm all of its own!

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French Provincial Home Design Styles

This design is the perfect choice for a family looking to settle down with plenty of space. This type of home can range from large open spaces or smaller cozy living rooms with closed-off bedrooms. It is typically designed by using elements like rustic brick walls while still maintaining its French Provincial feel which translates to homes that are great for families who enjoy crafting memories together.

French Provincial Home Interior Schemes

French Provincial interior designs are simple. They often feature clean lines, with the goal of providing freshness and simplicity to the home without any difficulty in changing furniture arrangements or making major changes to achieve a different look. This style is perfect if you want a minimalist house design but not so basic so that it will appeal more towards people looking specifically for those features when they’re shopping around.

French Provincial Home Ideas

The French Provincial style of home is characterised by its use of detail and craftsmanship. The exterior features like windows and doors typically use natural colours such as whitewash or greenish-grey hues. When it comes to interior schemes, a fireplace will usually be present in most homes from this era. A large kitchen table might also be part of the decorating scheme to add some more character and charm to the home.

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