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The Group successfully ventured into Real Estate by creating a series of residential spaces at strategic locations in Kolkata, Siliguri and Durgapur under the aegis of Dream Homes.

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Design-Build Company
CategoriesHome Extensions

What Is A Design-Build Company?

If you are planning a home extension, then a design-build company is definitely something you should consider. The main benefit of using a design-build company is that you have one company in charge of everything from the initial consultation and designs right through to the construction and completion of a construction project.  To complete the …

Ground Floor Extension Or A First Floor Addition
CategoriesHome Extensions

Is It Better To Build A Ground Floor Extension Or A First Floor Addition?

Are you thinking of doing a home extension but can’t decide whether to go up or out?  When it comes to adding space, certain factors like your block size, layout, regulations, and the type of construction will often make the decision for you.  Extending your ground-floor space or building a first-floor addition is both a …

Can Home Renovations Add Value To Your Home
CategoriesHome Renovation

How Do Home Renovations Add Value To My Home?

There are two main reasons why homeowners renovate their homes. Either their home has become old or outdated and they want to transform it into a more modern and spacious version that conforms to their current needs. Or, they want to place their home on the market and would like to achieve the best possible …

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