Modern Extension Ideas Period Houses Melbourne’s Bayside Suburbs

Modern Extension Ideas For Period Houses In Melbourne’s Bayside Suburbs

Modern Extension Ideas Period Houses Melbourne’s Bayside Suburbs

Buying a period home can be so thrilling especially due to the unique architecture. However, if you have a family that is growing, your space can quickly become too small for everybody to be comfortable. 

That is why having modern extensions for the home is a great option. Are you a homeowner in Melbourne’s Bayside Suburbs and are wondering how to add a modern extension to your period home? Here are some ideas that will come in handy.

  • Make the outdoors and the indoors connected by adding a glass extension
  • Create a contrast between the period home architecture and a contemporary style 
  • Adding a glazed extension/side return extension if you want a big impact
  • Curved Extension
  • A renovation plus an extension

Here is how these extension ideas can be implemented and what they add to the original property.

Glass Extensions

Adding a glass extension is one way to make a period home more modern while also giving you the extra space you are looking for. The glass can be installed on the rear or side of the house, depending on where you feel is suitable. 

It can double as a relaxation area or a working area because there will be plenty of light coming in from the outdoors. Since glass is modern, the transition will create a unique design that stands out and will not get outdated anytime soon.

Modern Extension Ideas Period Houses Melbourne’s Bayside Suburbs

Create A Contrast

There is no need to stress yourself out trying to find replicas to add to the previous architecture. You can include a few modern changes to the new design by having completely contrasting materials that make the old design stand out but still look impressive. 

Instead of trying hard to make the home look like the extension was part of the original plan, think about creating a contrast between old and new. If you feel that there is no flow between the original house and the extension, try adding some exterior parts that are similar to the original.

Glazed Oak Extensions

Having glazed oak extensions works well for cottages. Instead of having a cramped cottage, you can transform the space into something different by extending it to make room for an extra bedroom or living room. 

The best part about this kind of extension is that it allows light to flow into the room effortlessly. Additionally, you get to have nice views from the rooms that are part of the extension. It can be a great area to work from home or relax.

Curved Extensions

You can also have curved extensions added to the back of a period home. This creates a unique look, especially if the extension is at the back of the house because it can look the same from the front but completely different once you go around the back. 

It gives the look of a period home from the front but a contemporary home once you see the rear extension. The best parts to include in the extension are a kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen’s ambience will be even better if it opens up to the yard at the back.

Extension And Renovation

If you do not want to include too much of the old house, this idea could work. The renovation will get rid of any materials you feel are outdated and leave some parts untouched to retain the buildings charm. For instance, you can strip away all material and leave the stone parts, then incorporate new materials into the stone.

Final Thoughts

There are many modern extension ideas and how they will work will depend on the previous design, and the materials used to build the house. If you are feeling a little unsure, it is recommended to talk to a professional for advice on how to go about it. Make sure you do it right the first time. Do it with Bayside Extensions. 

Check out some of the projects and homes we have successfully remodelled and renovated. Let us know your requirements. Share with us your vision and let us help you bring them to life. Schedule an appointment now for a free consultation. Let your period home stand out and be the envy of Brighton.

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