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How to Maintain a Renovated Garden – Great Tips

After spending a lot of time and resources on the renovation of your house, you’ve finally achieved your dream home and outdoor garden space. The next step is learning how to easily and properly maintain the look and feel of your beautiful new house, and how to take care of the exterior so it lasts for years to come.

Unlike indoor spaces, you cannot keep outdoor spaces, particularly your garden, pavements, and decks, neat and tidy just by sweeping and wiping alone. You’ll need to consider various elements such as plants, lighting, furniture care, and even the weather when it comes to the maintenance of the exterior areas of your home.

Tips to Easily Maintain Your Renovated Garden

1. Maintain a Relaxing and Spacious Atmosphere

Over time, your home’s outdoor area may become cluttered and piled up with different items that you want to keep out of the house. This will not only ruin the exterior look of your house but can also hamper the use you intended for it as well.

So that you can enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the sun with your family and friends in a neat and tidy space, you could consider installing an outside cupboard or screen to hide any clutter. By keeping things such as garden tools, rubbish bins, and other items out of the way, you are maintaining the look of your new space and setting an atmosphere that will allow you to chill and have a relaxing day outdoors.

2. Protect Your Deck and Pavement from Damage

Your outdoor area could also include other elements such as a deck or paving. Keeping these clean and properly sealed is one of the most basic ways to prevent damage.

Before cleaning, you should inspect and check the materials used for your deck or paving. Decks are usually made with wood so you’ll want to use the right cleaning products and methods. Ask your designer or builder for specifications of materials used so you can find out how to properly care for your deck. While cleaning, you can also check for any areas that may need repair.

cleaning a deck using power hose3. Perform Regular Cladding Maintenance

While some wall cladding may require little care, various materials used for cladding might be prone to mould or decay. Knowing what materials and finishes are used for your exterior walls will help you know how you can maintain it to last longer.

Cleaning and removing dust and dirt will help with the overall look, but things like mould, mosses, and other natural residue may contribute to faster deterioration. If you’re not sure of best way to maintain your cladding, an expert can provide advice. Get a professional to handle everything from installation to maintenance and you’ll know you’re in good hands.

If you’re unsure how to incorporate outdoor spaces and exterior finishes that work well with your new home renovation and your lifestyle, a professional designer & builder can help. Get some ideas and inspiration from our previous projects, and Contact Bayside Extensions to learn more about creating beautiful spaces for your home.

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5 Surprising Reasons and Benefits to Renovate Your Outdoor Area

Upgrading your exterior space into a breathtaking outdoor area can do more than liven up the look of your property; for example, you can transform an unused lawn area or garden space into an outdoor functional room. Renovating your garden isn’t just for adding more space for decorative greenery and flowers– it’s also building in practicality and function where possible to make your home living more efficient and comfortable. Read on below to learn these reasons to renovate your outdoor area that you may not have thought of before.

1. Renovating adds to your home value

For suburban areas, properties with notable and beautiful outdoor gardens can sway the perception of a potential buyer and could even increase the value of the home. Design is critical to influencing a homebuyer, so while a professionally designed garden space and outdoor area could increase the house value, a poor design could actually diminish it.

2. It opens a new entertainment area

Do you enjoy dining and cooking in your outdoor area regularly? You can turn your garden area into a stylish and functional space for dining and hosting guests– the perfect entertainment area for family and friends. To create a beautiful outdoor entertainment room, you should consider installing a paved patio or a new deck for a seating area, which can help with a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

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3. It enlarges and extends the interior living space

Renovating your backyard plot provides the perfect opportunity to make the interior living space bigger through seamless design. It’s a creative way to build what looks like a direct extension of your living room where you can relax under the sun, surrounded by nature and the perfect chill-out spot. You can also turn this outdoor space into an open-air dining deck for your family and friends; there are various architectural tricks and ideas that you can do just by making a smooth flow of the interior area into the exterior.

4. It can be any functional room you need

Besides becoming a space for entertaining guests, relaxation, cooking and dining and a living room extension, you can also renovate your unused outdoor area and turn it into other functional rooms. Transform the space into a garden home office, complete with an ensuite and kitchenette. You can also turn it into a bedroom retreat for your teenagers who want more independence, an art studio, or a place for the musicians in the family to practice and play without distractions.

5. It improves health and promotes relaxation

Renovating your outdoor space offers homeowners the chance to get into gardening. It might seem like a therapeutic pastime, but it is also an excellent form of exercise that can go from relaxing to aerobic, perfect for keeping yourself active and agile. Perfect for getting fresh air and being out in nature. These make gardens the perfect spaces to unwind and relax, and also make for ideal areas to entertain guests and hold gatherings.

Leave the Renovation to the Pros

The planning stage of your home renovation, from your budget to the timeline expectations, is critical, as it lays down the foundation for the work to follow. We recommend that homeowners get expert help to plan the renovation and implementation of an indoor-outdoor layout and design that answers all the homeowner’s needs. Leaving renovations & design to professionals who have years of experience can save you from making costly mistakes.

You can consult our expert design and build team for your outdoor renovation and house extension needs. Give us a call today at 03 9596 0368.

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3 Useful Tips on Eco-Friendly Home Exterior Design

It’s a growing trend to have an eco-friendly home exterior design. Not only are greener houses healthier for both the environment and inhabitants, but can be friendlier to your wallets. Since ecologically friendly homes have become mainstream, a lot of hardware stores now carry and sell materials and products that used to be hard to find and expensive.

If you fancy a home exterior design that’s environmentally friendly for your next facade renovation, here are some useful exterior design tips.

house with solar panels on the roofTips on Eco-friendly Home Exterior Design

#1 Go for Eco-friendly Building Materials

The material used to build your house exterior makes a significant difference in your energy efficiency as well as the quality of the air you breathe at home. Environmentally friendly materials can emit little to no toxins and have fewer harmful chemical pollutants, which means it carries fewer health risks to people and the earth. Are you wondering what material you should consider for your exterior renovation and building your house, in general? Natural, sustainably grown and farmed timbers. Other eco-friendly building materials include rammed earth, natural stone, straw bale, mud-brick and concrete.

#2 Work with Your Landscape

A common issue homeowners run into when renovating their exterior are the trees planted on their plot and uneven land. Instead of finding ways to remove this problem and spending more on construction cost, extensive heating, ventilation, and lighting, why not use your surroundings to your ability? Instead of cutting down trees, you can incorporate a creative design to include as part of your facade. If your property slopes due to uneven ground, you can use that to highlight your home’s overall design.

#3 Use Solar Power and Geothermal Heat

One of the ultimate sources for low-cost and clean energy is solar power. To utilise the sun’s energy best, carefully plan where to position solar panels on your home to get the most out of the sun.

Designing with the Environment in Mind

It is best to consult professionals to design and turn your home into a green one. You can count on our expert designers and builders to help you all the way. Call us today at (03) 9596 0368.

If you want to see how Bayside Extensions’ magic works, our Brighton Extensions project will show you what you need- from the conceptualisation of the design, down to the finishing touches.

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