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If you’re in a home that you love but are finding that you don’t have enough space for your family, you may be wondering what type of extension you should go for. There are numerous possibilities depending on the size of your home and property, so we’ve come up with a few room extension ideas to get you thinking.

Extend your entertaining area

One thing that puts people off from entertaining more is that they don’t have the space to do it. If you want to be able to host dinner parties or social occasions at your home, creating larger entertaining spaces should be at the top of your list.

One idea to start with may be adding a dining room on to your kitchen area. You could also think about extending your living room or adding a deck or patio to make an indoor/outdoor entertaining area.

Build a rumpus room

If you’re wanting more space for the kids to play, or perhaps an area where you can set up a home gym, a rumpus room extension is worth considering. You can utilise this type of room in many different ways, and even use part of it for extra storage.

A rumpus room extension can be built out from the ground floor of your home, or you may be able to build downwards depending on your existing house, or your available space.

Add a conservatory

Conservatories or sunrooms are not so common to see in new home builds, but this room extension idea is one that could be beneficial for the whole family. While a deck may seem like a good option for being able to enjoy fresh air and sunshine during the warmer months, a conservatory can be utilised at any time of year – rain or shine.

You can use a conservatory as an entertaining or dining area, a hobby room, a spa room, or simply a place to relax with your loved ones. During winter, the room can trap the heat of the sun, and in summer you can utilise folding doors to let the breeze flow through the house.

Make a home office

home office

With working from home and studying online becoming more common, one room extension idea is to add a home office or study. This is a good solution for families that need a quiet area separate from other living areas and can easily be achieved in smaller properties.

Plus, a home office extension can boost the value of your home and be more appealing for future buyers.

Add an upper storey

If extending out to the side just isn’t feasible due to your property size or permit restrictions, building upwards may be your only choice. Adding an additional storey is often possible for single or multi-storey homes, and not only changes the overall feel of your home, but gives you the extra space that you need without compromising your outdoor space.

Extending upwards does not have to mean building an entire new floor. You can add a master bedroom and ensuite that allows for privacy from the rest of the family, and also takes advantage of natural light and any views of the surrounding area.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can also consider building a children’s play area or office into your attic.

For more inspiration and room extension ideas, check out some of the projects that we have been proud to work on. You may also read our beginner’s guide here. If you’d like to get started on a home extension, our expert design and build team here at Bayside Extensions would love to meet with you to discuss turning your dreams into a reality.

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