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Preparing for a home extension project is a huge task that requires a lot of attention to detail. Whether you’re doing a home extension project to increase the value of your home or to add additional space for your family to use, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider.

You should also know that a project of this scale will require the hands of experts. They are knowledgeable in minimising the issues and problems which may arise from extending your home, while helping you obtain optimal results for your dream home.

With that in mind, the first thing on your list should be finding the home extension company that you can trust and rely on. The following are the qualities you should keep in mind when looking at home extension companies who can help you achieve and complete your home extension project.

1. Quality of Workmanship

From planning, designing and construction, the home extension company you’ll choose must be able to help provide advice based on best practices and produce beautiful and high-quality results. Builders and designers with such traits should be able to provide you with examples of their previous work as a reference.

2. Expertise

Getting a general home builder is different from engaging someone who specialises in home extension projects. Compared to general construction or building companies, a home design & extension company will have the people with the expertise to accurately assess and understand what you need that can only come from years of experience.

man creating a home design on paper3. Experience

Although there are many home extension companies out there that want your business, you’ll get the most out of a team with local knowledge and years of experience. Look for a company who has a proven track record of working on home extensions because they’ll be better equipped to design and quote on the work that needs to be done. Experienced companies should be able to provide you with an extensive portfolio of their previous work.

4. Warranty on Services

A home extension company should be able to guarantee the quality of their work through warranties, coverage, or even insurance to back up the quality of their services. Good designer builders will let you take some time to understand contracts and make sure that you can raise any concerns before the project commences.

Leave it to the Experts

When it comes to big projects such as a home extension, it’s best to work with experts and let them help you achieve the best possible outcome for your home. Experience the difference of hiring professionals. Bayside Extensions has a team of designer-builders. Feel free to check out some of our recent projects and reach out to us for more information.

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