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How do you renovate a house that’s more than 100 years old? Do you simply go in and tear things down and replace them with new ones? Well, unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple as we will come to find out. 

Federation homes in Australia have significant heritage value. Most of these homes are more than a century old. Federation homes in Brighton and the surrounding bayside suburbs are unique in that they incorporate various aspects of British and American architectural design, while still maintaining a subtle Australian touch.

Renovating A Federation Home In Brighton

When you decide to renovate your federation home in Brighton, it’s important that you strive to maintain its original style and appearance so that the house remains faithful to its historical origins. These homes are magnificent works of art that have withstood the test of time. They are basically priceless, and should therefore be preserved and protected at all costs. 

Like all period homes, federation homes tell a story about a specific period of mankind’s existence. When renovating a federation home, professional builders and contractors should try their level best not to interfere or change the story that a specific house is telling to the world.

Key Features That Should Be Preserved

  • Dark brown and deep red brick was the most widely used building material in the federation home period. Another less common material that was used is fibro.
  • Federation homes typically have ornate details such as lead lights and gables that include a rising sun emblem that signifies the beginning of the 20th Century.
  • Federation homes usually have huge backyards that can be modified with traditional decks and patios for added functionality.
  • Wide verandas are another common feature of federation homes. They were meant to allow air to flow easily in the house.
  • Decorative motifs of various Australian bush animals and plants are also quite common.

Best Way To Renovate A Federation Home In Brighton

As with all other period home renovations, it’s advisable not to do the work on your own. Hiring a professional builder as well as a home design expert is the best way to ensure you achieve your desired results. 

A professional builder will help source for you many of the original materials that you’ll need to restore the core structure of the house. They will try their best to reproduce the original construction and renovate existing structures where possible.

The home design expert will be the brains of the projects. They will basically help bring your vision to life. Working with a home design expert is highly recommended because they are familiar with stylistic elements of the federation era. They are also aware of various modern approaches to renovating period homes.

Recycle As Much As You Can

Your main goal should not be to remove the old and replace with the new. This is the wrong approach to renovating a federation home in Brighton. In order to retain the original style and feel of the home, you’ll need to carefully evaluate old fixtures and fittings and identify those that can be recycled. Fixtures that are too old to be recycled can be replaced with modern replacements that have a traditional 20th-century style.

Consider Expanding

Federation homes are typically small in size. This is because families were really not that big back then and thus living space requirements were at a minimum. However, we are not living in the 1900s. This means that when renovating a federation home, you may have to consider expanding the size of the home using a wide range of home extensions, and outdoor decks and patios.

All in all, renovating a federation home is a meticulous task that should be undertaken with a lot of care, preparation and commitment to the preservation of history.

Final Thoughts

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